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What’s your something blue?

Many Brides are unfamiliar with the origin and meaning behind something old, something new, something borrowed something blue. The old English rhyme comes from the family members and guests of the Bride who would give her old, new, borrowed, blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe as a token of love and good luck on the day of her wedding.

You can personalize some of these items to incorporate into your wedding. For example, something blue for my sister in-law was a blue shirt of her Fathers who passed away, cut into the shape of a heart, and sewn into her dress. The idea was sentimental and original. It is something that she can also keep forever.

The “Something Blue” represents Love, Good Fortune and Fidelity. Some Brides may not want blue to be a dominant color in her Wedding as to where others love the color and want blue to be visible. Remember there are many shades of blue also and some may work better than others for the Bride depending on how it will be used.

You can get creative and have fun with this one. From blue stones in your tiara, to blue sparkles sprinkled on your skin, some sexy lingerie or a tiny blue string tied around your finger. The possibilities are endless.

So, do you know what your something blue will be…?

Svedka Vodka Product Launch

Pedestals was thrilled to be part of The Elite Marketing Group event at The New Museum on February 6th for their Svedka Vodka product launch.

The event was a smashing success as the flavors of summer were announced: Orange Cream Pop and Strawberry Colada.

It was a great desigin experience for us as we were asked to create a number of different looks for the Svedka team based on inspiration boards. The finished product had to represent Svedka the brand, the energy of new flavors as well as the space the event was taking place in.

We created a multimedia table-scape that included feathers, painted products, fresh fruit, LED lights vintage candy, even whipped cream! With the help of the Elite Marketing Team the entire main displays were presented on top of a giant cylinder that was wrapped with exact replicas of the actual Svedka bottles.

In addition to all of our fabulous brides, Pedestals, is so proud to share this as an example of one of our many corporate events that we do all year long.

Dinas Party on HGTV

Pedestals Floral Decorators attended Dina Manzo’s formerly of the Real Housewives of NJ, currently of Dina’s Party on HGTV; Designer Affair at the Brownstone; with over 40 vendors ranging in every event category from invitations and custom favors, belly dancers and photo booths, the event drew in a great crowd of future brides, sweet sixteeners, and event planners; Pedestals Floral decorators was there, in on the action showcasing our “all white” display booth.

Are you wearing a veil?

A great way to use flowers on a bride other then her bouquet is to use it in her headpiece. It can offer an exotic look, a vintage look or even a look of innocence and purity, depending on the style. For example tropical flowers will be suitable for a bride having a wedding on the beach or an island themed inspired wedding. While a simple flower, such as a field daisy, can give the bride a gracious innocence. Rose’s in the bride’s hair can give her the ultimate vintage look, especially when combined with a blusher, veil or even a fitted cap. The flowers can be attached to a comb, a clip or even a headband to give you that extra floral touch.

Top 5 Fashionable Groom & Groomsmen’s Trends

1. Fabulous Floral

Men can wear floral prints also! Floral printed shirts with neutral backgrounds are an awesome idea for groomsmen to add a slight touch of color to their ensemble. Pair it up with a light-colored suit and tan brogues for a clean cut look with some floral finesse.

2. Chic Candy Colors

Pastel colors are back this season and hitting the men’s trend with full force! Throw on a pastel colored suit when attending a laid-back outdoor affair. It’s ok to go retro, as long as you do it with class. Pair up a baby blue suit with white button down shirt and grey tie for a more modern hip eighties look!

3. Shocking Shoes

Take a classic and iconic shoe like a men’s brogue and bring it to another level. This shoe has been on the catwalk and aisles for decades. Instead of plain leather, go patent and two-tone to bring a vintage yet elegant look to your wedding.

4. Silver Stud

Bring that modern feel to your wedding by going non-traditional. Instead of a black regular suit, do a grey morning suit. Grey is a great color to pair up with pale pink or deep purple bridesmaid’s dresses. Work these colors into your floral centerpieces to give you a marvelous modern look.

5. Charming Check

Let’s break away from traditional solid silk ties, and jazz it up with a sleek modern skinny number. A delicate gingham check tie will add fun stylish twist to any look.

Don’t Conform to the Norm

Hey ladies….

The trend for the 2013 spring season is a colored lip and cheek in beautiful bright tones…..these colors can easily co-ordinate with your bridesmaids gowns or to a follow a great tip…you can inspire it into your bridal bouquet.

Corals…aqua…..magenta…..hues of raspberry…. are just a look into what the season will be bringing us.
Don’t be afraid of color, it adds charisma and character into any ballroom or bouquet.
Our groom and his groomsmen, can”tie in” using the same look of color or match with his boutonniere.

Top 5 Celebrity Weddings of 2012

At Pedestals Floral Decorators our designs are influenced by many things: classic styles, current trends, art, pop culture and of course celebrity weddings. We have been fortunate to design a number of celebrity weddings, most recently Danielle & Kevin Jonas at Oheka Castle.

We are going to take a look back at our picks for the top 5 celebrity weddings of 2012. Our staff chose these celebrity couples for a variety of reasons. We hope your favorites made our list.

#5 Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman
Date: June 2
Where: Montecito, California
Notable guests: Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Jimmy Fallon, Scarlett Johansson
Gown: Chanel

Sure this wedding had the A-list star power, but we selected this wedding because as so many time in the past. Drew is on trend in so many ways. She wore vintage lace and used pink flowers. Pinks, blushes and neutral tones will continue to be strong looks for 2013 as vintage inspired weddings are more popular than ever.

#4 Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulmam
Date: September 29
Where: Big Sur, California
Gown: Valentino

No, we did not select them because of her flawless custom Valentino gown or their reported $100,000 flower budget or because of all the Oscar buzz Anne is receiving for her work in Les Miserables. We chose this couple because of how they used their wedding to work towards a greater good. Every time a picture from their wedding is licensed a portion of the proceeds will be used to support Freedom to Marry , a pro-gay marriage campaign and other non-profit organizations.

#3 Cynthia Nixon & Christina Marinoni
Date: September 19
Where: New York
Gown: Carolina Herrera

It’s Miranda! It’s a Green Dress! It’s about time (thank you Governor Cuomo)

#2 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds
Date: September 9
Where: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Gown: Marchesa

For 2 of the hottest people on the planet they kept their wedding very private. Then the picture they released allowed you to imagine their wedding anyway you wanted… it was a fill in your own fantasy moment. It gave just a glimpse of Blake’s custom Marchesa gown and Ryan’s wedding band. All the other details you were free to picture any way you wanted. (Some pictures were later released in Martha Stewart Weddings, and since Blake is an avid baker many of these pictures featured the couples amazing dessert bar)

#1 Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake
Date: October 19
Where: Puglia Italy
Gown: Giambattista Valli haute couture

This wedding had it all. It was held at an unbelievable super-luxury Italian resort setting at the super luxury Egnazia Celebrity guests including Adam Samberg and Jimmy Fallon a lavish weekend & custom men and fireworks. All of this plus Jessica’s show-stopping Giambattista haute couture gown in Pink!

Justin sang Jessica down the aisle with an original song. Featuring a special skill or talent in your wedding is something we highly recommend. It will create a magic moments that only you can provide.

Oh dress! Love it or hate it Jessica was not following any trends. She was following her own style.
Between Justin’s song and that unforgettable pink dress the choice was easy Jessica & Justin made it personal and any of Pedestals brides & grooms can do just that and that’s why they were any easy choice for our favorite celebrity wedding for 2012.

Baby Boom

No, not that. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

No flower has made such a thunderous come-back or is hotter with trend watching brides than gypsophila. You may know it by its more widely known name: baby’s breath for its resemblance to little puffs of air.

The main reason for its popularity is that baby’s breath can be used in all different types of weddings. It can be used to convey an ethereal quality when used to embellish a ceremony arch, canopy or fabric chuppah. It can also convey a garden style fresh picked quality when paired with variegated ivy to adorn your ceremony chairs or the sides of your pews.

When your guests arrive at your reception location, you can greet them with a stunning baby’s breath topiary ball presented on an elegant silver flute or contemporary glass cylinder vase. (Bonus design tip: When using clear glass, keep it clear, no more floating flowers)

Once seen as a design disaster in formal ballroom conversations, today’s top floral decorators know how to use baby’s breath in their specialized artistic designs. These pieces are European inspired and use a clustering or grouping design technique. By doing this the certain flowers, such as baby’s breath that were always known as mere fillers, can be used as points of focus within the centerpiece. When done by a skilled floral artist they can sit atop the most elegant crystal candelabras.

We are also seeing bridesmaid’s bouquets made exclusively of baby’s breath and it’s the flower of choice for today’s hipster grooms.

When doing your planning baby’s breath is both on trend and an exciting element to consider plus it’s easily incorporated into any aspect of your wedding day.