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Kelly Clarkson

Usually when people are chatting about Kelly Clarkson they are talking about her new album or next chart- topping single. This month the NY area is especially electric with her upcoming concert appearance with Maroon 5 on August 11 at Jones Beach.

But, a fabulous picture she shared via twitter has the wedding world a buzz. Kelly is looking gorgeous in one of her engagement session shots. She is in a full length white gown (insert gasp). Kelly certainly created a memory and an unforgettable moment.

Kelly Clarkson

I love this dress, because it makes a statement and evokes an emotion. Even if you don’t feel that this style is right for you, the emotional impact and beauty of these photos are unforgettable.

That is why I am truly relating to this photograph. At Pedestals Floral Decorators we encourage every bride to explore style options that showcase their individuality. That is when magic happens. Well done Kelly!