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It’s a bling thing!

Calling all Brides… Now you have the ring, let’s start to bling!

Whether it be in your bridal gown, linens, floral or accessories today’s bride is in love with color and BLING! From a bling wrap to crystal broaches on your bridal bouquet, to candle holders and diamonds adorning your wedding cake… There is never enough crystal when you are a Bling Bride!

This year the newest trend for a Bling bride is Body Bling. I have to be honest, at first I was not a fan of this but the more research I did… I Love It! Some of the pieces look like extensions of your dresses. It’s an Indian tradition to wear crystals and body bling, but today everyone is accessorizing with them. Below is a link of some ideas.. if you want to sparkle and shine on your big day!

Checkout bridal bling here