The Perfect Invite Makes Your Wedding Day An Event To Remember For All Invited Guests.

A gorgeous, well-conceived wedding invitation can build anticipation and excitement for your big day.

We all get mail we don’t look so forward to – a bill or a flyer – but there’s one thing many people look forward to receiving — and invite to someone’s big day. Designing the perfect invite that builds excitement and anticipation can make all the difference between your wedding being the go-to-event or an event your guests simply feel compelled to go to.

Here are some tips for creating just the right invitation.

Set the tone.

Of course you need to cover the basics, like place, time, date, etc. But the look and feel of your invite should also give a sneak peek into what kind of wedding your guests are to expect from traditional to casual to whimsical. The font, pictures should you choose to include them and the paper you print on should all match the vibe and feel you are going for.

Remember those aforementioned basics? They matter as well.

While the look and feel are critical, you cannot overlook any detail – even the ones that seem obvious. Clearly stating the time, date, directions, registries, plus ones and children (whether they are welcomed or not) will make things much easier for your guests. Additionally, as wedding websites have gained popularity, it’s important that those same details are reflected there. Ensure that your preferred means of RSVP are clearly stated on both the invite and the website.

Prepare for questions.

No matter how clear you make the details, there will always be questions. Be ready to answer them even as you scramble to put together all the necessary pieces to make your wedding day an incredible event, in a beautiful space with fantastic food and floral arrangements. Again, a great invite can help build anticipation that your wedding isn’t just another event to attend but the event to attend.