The Best Fall Florals For A Spectacular Autumn Wedding

Changing Leaves And Crisp Air Set The Tone For Fall Nuptials–What About The Flowers?

A brisk breeze, crackling fireplaces, and colorful, crunchy leaves underfoot: autumn is, hands down, one of the most charming and romantic seasons to tie the knot.

Whether you’re planning a classic harvest wedding with all the time-honored colors–rust reds, oranges, and yellows–or going for something a little different, the seasonal blooms of fall allow for limitless unique combinations. Whether you’re steering toward a more moody dusk wedding or a cheery sunflower-forward aesthetic, here are some floral ideas that can get you thinking about that perfect fall wedding.


Known colloquially as “mums,” these traditional autumn flowers come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Whether in bouquets or decor, they are incredibly versatile and add stunning pops of color and texture.


These classic fall blooms come in a number of bold colors, and even more sizes. Whether you decide to go with the massive and aptly-named dinnerplate dahlias or smaller blooms like cactus or pom pom dahlias, these florals are sure to stun. With intricate petal patterns, they not only add color, but depth and complexity to bouquets and decor.


Big, bold, and iconic, sunflowers are great for a cheery fall wedding. Pair that with a rustic wedding venue or details, and you’ve got a lively setting for a jubilant reception. Classic and bold, sunflowers are perfect for an outdoor wedding in the countryside, or a sparkling indoor event.

Garden Roses

Roses are a year-round staple at weddings, but garden roses take the cake for their exuberance and fragrance. Slightly more whimsical than their non-garden variety, garden roses resemble peonies with their ruffled, frilly petals. Available in many colors including bi-color varieties, garden roses add a classic, sophisticated touch–with a little flounce.


Originating in South Africa and commonly called sugarbushes, protea are gorgeous and intricate flowers with peach, pink, and magenta tones. Their unique appearance makes them great as the focal point of a bouquet.


Also known as Lily of the Valley, these stems of bell-like flowers can add variety and a delicate nature to a bouquet or decor. Andromeda can make for a beautiful accent flower, because along with its captivating blooms, the foliage can come in bright shades of rustic reds and pinks before turning green.


This dense, velvety, undulating flower has a lot of texture–named after its resemblance to a rooster’s comb, the ribbonlike bloom can also look like coral, the folds in a brain, or tiny colorful evergreen trees. Coxcomb most certainly draws the eye with its intriguing appearance and rich color.

Calla Lilies

These elegant flowers come in many shades, from white to a deep, moody purple. Its single petal-like spathe wraps gracefully around the center of the flower, for a sleek, upscale appearance. Offset it with a more whimsical bloom, or use them as the focal point in more minimalist arrangements.

As you’re deciding the theme and florals for your fall wedding, it’s nice to know your florals are in good hands. Partner with florists who know seasonality and can help you create the perfect bouquets and centerpieces for your wedding. At Pedestals Florist, we have the expertise and creative imagination to help you create the perfect floral wedding arrangement, whatever the season.

Work with us to discover what florals are available and to curate your ideal wedding.