Make Your Day Come To Life With Flowers

Pick The Perfect Floral Arrangements to Create Your Perfect Backdrop For Beautiful Memories.

Weddings and flowers are inextricably tied to one another. Choosing the floral arrangements that best reflect your vision and style is one of the most important and fun aspects of wedding planning.

Here’s a list to help you through the process.


Your bridal bouquet will be with you all day, from the moment the ceremony starts until the iconic bouquet toss. With the endless options of shapes, sizes, flowers, and colors, your bouquet should reflect the tone of your wedding and your own style.


Boutonnieres usually consist of a single flower or a few smaller blooms traditionally worn on the left side. Tending to be an understated reflection of the bouquet, a boutonniere is a way to tie the groom and the bride together aesthetically. The best man, groomsmen, and certain members of the family can also wear boutonnieres.


Bridesmaid bouquets are usually less elaborate versions of the bride’s wedding bouquet with minor variations in color, design, and flower choice. They are not always included for the entire bridal party, but typically the maid or matron of honor will have their own unique bouquet.


Flower girls can have very simple arrangements such as a floral crown and of course, their basket of petals.


The floral arrangements in the aisle for your ceremony are crucial to setting the stage for the moment when you say “I do.” 

Aisle Markers – These are small arrangements placed in the aisle at the end of each pew or row of chairs in the ceremony area. They usually consist of greenery or simple flowers. 

Aisle Runner – Flower petals can be strewn about the main aisle in varying complexity and volume.


Different cultural and religious traditions often incorporate flowers into wedding ceremonies.

Ceremonial Flowers – In certain cultures, special flowers are used to symbolize matrimony,with the bride and groom exchanging garlands made of flowers during the ceremony. 

Alter – In many Christian denominations, vows are exchanged at the altar. The floral arrangement chosen for the altar is especially important as this is where most of your photos from the ceremony will be taken.

Chuppah – An important component of the Jewish wedding ceremony, the chuppah is a canopy draped with a prayer shawl that is decorated with florals or greenery.


The centerpieces you choose will be the decorative highlight of your reception, with your guests getting up close and personal with the arrangements at each table. Each centerpiece should be emblematic of the theme of your wedding and there are many options to fit perfectly with any style or budget. Here are just a few:

Pedestal – Displayed in a pedestal-like container, these arrangements will often have flowers overflowing dramatically off the sides.

Breakaway – This is an assortment of arrangements grouped together.  Different flower arrangements at varying heights are arranged according to the shape of the table. They can be arranged in a row down the middle of a long table or placed at the center of a smaller one.

Candelabra – In this arrangement, a candelabra is used as a base for the flowers and candles are often present as well.

Choosing the right floral arrangement for each component of your wedding should be one of the most exciting and creative parts of the decorating process. With no shortage of options, there are no limits to bringing your vision to life.