Make A Grand Entrance With The Perfect Wedding Aisle Markers

Set The Stage For Your Wedding Procession With These Petite Decorations

So the big day is coming. As they say, go big or go home! Your ceremony aisle can set the mood and make a splash. And there are great choices for any setting whether it’s a large indoor wedding, an outdoor wedding or a small, intimate affair.

Here are just a few suggestions to add that perfect touch to the big day.

Flower Petal Sprinkles.

Beautiful rose petals lining the chairs that line your aisle is a classic, simple, and elegant way to add even more beauty to the perfect wedding. You can go for classic white or add a pop of color.


Candles can create a more somber or calming mood to the ceremony. Choose from something as subtle as tea lights or tall candles or even lanterns which can add a dramatic effect as you make your way to your I do’s.

Cascading Flower Markers.

Nothing says wedding better than saying it with flowers and we have a wide range of options. Bouquets lining the church or house of worship aisles or tied to your ceremony seating can add a beautiful flourish of color or elegance and are completely customizable.

Your Day, Your Choice.

There’s no right or wrong way to add flair to your wedding ceremony aisle, so choose based on the kind of mood you’re trying to create and your décor. Anything you can dream up can be executed to make your ceremony the moment you’ve always envisioned.