Deck Out Your Next Event With A Flower Wall

Why Your Next Event Needs A Flower Wall – And A Few Different Styles To Spark Your Imagination

Flowers, flowers, flowers. If there’s anything that instantly says “celebration,” it’s got to be flowers. A flower wall is the perfect addition to upgrade the atmosphere at any event, and can also serve as a centerpiece–adorned with your company logo or a sweet neon message. Arrange a wall and you have a focal point that’s sure to draw everyone’s eyes, not to mention they make a great space for photo ops.

Whether you’re looking for sophistication or something whimsical, there’s a set up for you. Here’s a few different types of flower walls to spark your imagination.

Types of Flower Walls

Weddings, corporate events, product launches, charity galas–any spot could do with a flower wall. But do you go for blooming walls or lush vines? Add a little bit of greenery to your corporate event, or go all-out with a flower wall for your dream wedding. 

Green Foliage

Add sophistication and yet keep your look vibrant with a wall full of leaves, with some flowers sprouting here and there. This look would best fit the upscale corporate event, adding a little greenery and life without overstepping into flashy territory.

Variety Bouquet

Florals draw the eye–so really catch their attention with a whole assortment of flower arrangements and colors. If you’re looking for those oohs and ahhs, a colorful arrangement of many different blooms would suit your style.

Floral Doorway / Arch

Your guests can make a bold entrance with a floral doorway or arch–setting the mood right as people enter into the world your personal event creates. 

Vine Curtain

Vines hanging down and curling around can make for a perfect curtain–either against a wall or as an entryway.

Neon Lights

Put a charming phrase on the wall. This one makes for great photos and is a social media magnet.

Brand Logo

Surround your logo with a bunch of flowers to elevate your brand and draw everyone’s attention. 

Partner with florists who know what they’re doing–the ones that can help you make the perfect floral backdrop for your next event. At Pedestals Florist, we have the expertise and the creative imagination to design and implement a floral wall perfectly suited to your next event.