Creating The Perfect Send-Off For Your Perfect Day.

Finish Your Wedding Day In Style With A Send-Off No One Will Ever Forget.

So your wedding day went off without a hitch. Your happy guests danced, ate, drank and celebrated with you. Now, you owe it to yourself – and your guests – to cap it all off with the perfect send off. Here are some ideas of how to exit in style when throwing rice won’t suffice.

Here are some ideas for creating the perfect send-off.

A shower of confetti.

The tradition of rice throwing is a bit old fashioned – and sounds a little dangerous. It’s also bad for any birds or wildlife in the area. Replace rice with confetti and you’ll feel like you’re heading off in a ticker-tape parade like exit.

Make it sparkle.

A tunnel of revelers all alight with sparklers is a great way to say goodbye as you head off to your dream honeymoon.

Giddy up.

What’s more romantic than taking off on horseback? Nothing. Trust us.

We all float on.

If your wedding setting is on the water, take advantage of it by rowing away as your guests wish you a bon voyage.

Ride off into the sunset.

A bicycle – or motorcycle – built for two or a classic car is a great way to say goodbye with a nod to vintage style.

Glow up.

Inviting guests to join you in setting off some wish lanterns is a spectacular way to end the big day.

Up and away.

Heading off in a hot air balloon is a dramatic way to make an exit once the dancing and drinking and eating is done.

Break out the bubbly and the bubbles.

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Walking off with your spouse under a rain shower of bubbles is a fun, quirky way to say thank you and bid adieu.

Keep it simple.

Clean up nice without the mess or fuss by exiting through a sea of either white balloons or ones selected to match the color scheme of your wedding day.

Say it with flowers.

Of course, nothing quite beats a beautiful floral arrangement. Why not make your grand exit through a tunnel of beautifully arranged flowers. After all nothing makes the same impression as beautiful flowers.

When you are looking for the perfect way to cap one of the biggest days of your life, you can’t go wrong with any of these new takes on an old tradition.