April Showers Bring May Flowers

Celebrate Your Bridal Or Baby Shower With Flower Arrangements From Pedestals

With rain showers, come flowers — and why should it be any different for bridal and baby showers? A bridal shower can be just as classy and gorgeous as the wedding — it’s the prelude to your beautiful day, after all. And flowers can make a baby shower much more lovely: you can welcome a budding life with budding bouquets and arrangements (especially for spring babies!)

Bright Bouquets For Bridal Showers

Beautiful centerpieces and entry decor can make your bridal shower a lovely, picturesque day to celebrate with your family and friends before the elegant wedding.

Weddings and flowers are inseparable lovers — and a bridal shower can match that connection with its own flowers. You can pair the bridal shower with similar flowers from the wedding day — or if the bride-to-be is keeping the wedding flower arrangement choices hush-hush, consider the bride’s favorite flowers or flowers that match the honeymoon destination–tropical flowers for a tropical vacation, or native flowers from wherever the couple is heading.

What Are Some Floral Arrangement Ideas You Can Incorporate Into Your Bridal Shower? Here Are Just A Few Ideas:

  • Adorn the invitations with bright blooms so guests can anticipate your flower-themed celebration
  • Small bouquets can serve as centerpieces on tables and also serve as party favors for guests
  • A floral entryway can set the mood as guests walk in and serve as a perfect backdrop for photos
  • Set up activities, like a make-your-own-bouquet table, where friends and family can select from different blooms to create their own flower arrangements

Consider choosing flowers that are in season for the freshest, liveliest bouquets — you can work directly with a floral expert like the ones at Pedestals to determine the perfect arrangements that celebrate the future bride and match the theme you’re going for. 

Whether hosting in your home, or at an outdoor or indoor venue — flowers are an elegant addition that combines festivity and elegance in one.

Celebrate New Life With Fresh Flowers

Flowers Are Symbols Of Birth And Renewal — So It Only Makes Sense To Pair A Baby Shower With Flowers, Especially For April And May Babies. But It Doesn’t Stop There:

  • Summer flowers: Sunflowers can be the perfect bright touch for your baby shower
  • Harvest flowers: Wildflowers and orange-toned blooms can welcome your October or November baby
  • December blooms: Every time of year has its own lovely buds, including the Winter season–consider red and white bouquets
  • White flowers: Celebrate the purity of new life with white daisies or baby’s breath
  • Pastel blooms: For a soft, gentle touch to your baby shower

Any way you look at it, flowers spell celebration. Whether that means celebrating a future bride or a future baby, nothing says cheer quite like flowers do. Add sophistication and elegance while elevating the ambiance during your special day the best way you can — with flowers.

Want help with your floral arrangements and floral decoration planning? We can help you every step of the way. Talk to our expert florists and floral decorators to get started at pedestalsflorist.com.