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When a Simple on Bended Knee Just Won’t Do

In today’s age of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media there are so many things grabbing for our attention, everything needs to be faster, better and bigger. Marriage proposal are no exception. With a whole YouTube section dedicated to “proposal fail” today’s savvy grooms are upping their game to make sure they get their “I will.”

Recently both Good Morning America and Nightline did feature stories on what they called “Extreme Proposals”. As reported by GMA, when Josh Ogle proposed to fiancée Nataliyia Lavryshyn, he spared no expense. The total cost for his extreme proposal was $45,000 “It’s very much in my character and, I think, in our relationship, for me to try to do things that are goofy and clever and catch her by surprise,” Ogle said.

Josh said, he knew he would be able to have control over how the proposal went and he really wanted his personality to shine through he chose to turn an ordinary date night into something Nataliyia would never forget. It included a celebrity chef, roof top and vintage car rentals, followed by a trip to Europe and of course the engagement ring.

Nightline also featured grooms that created movie trailers to be shown during movie night at the local cinemaplex to ones that celebrated cultural traditions with a Bollywood themed flash mob in Times Square. His fiancée said, “It was every Indian girl’s dream come true.”

According to wedding planner Sarah Pease, who has an entire division of her business dedicated to just planning proposals. The first question that is always asked after the proposal is “How did they do it? Every bride wants a great story to tell and these grooms are raising the standards.