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Top 5 Fashionable Groom & Groomsmen’s Trends

1. Fabulous Floral

Men can wear floral prints also! Floral printed shirts with neutral backgrounds are an awesome idea for groomsmen to add a slight touch of color to their ensemble. Pair it up with a light-colored suit and tan brogues for a clean cut look with some floral finesse.

2. Chic Candy Colors

Pastel colors are back this season and hitting the men’s trend with full force! Throw on a pastel colored suit when attending a laid-back outdoor affair. It’s ok to go retro, as long as you do it with class. Pair up a baby blue suit with white button down shirt and grey tie for a more modern hip eighties look!

3. Shocking Shoes

Take a classic and iconic shoe like a men’s brogue and bring it to another level. This shoe has been on the catwalk and aisles for decades. Instead of plain leather, go patent and two-tone to bring a vintage yet elegant look to your wedding.

4. Silver Stud

Bring that modern feel to your wedding by going non-traditional. Instead of a black regular suit, do a grey morning suit. Grey is a great color to pair up with pale pink or deep purple bridesmaid’s dresses. Work these colors into your floral centerpieces to give you a marvelous modern look.

5. Charming Check

Let’s break away from traditional solid silk ties, and jazz it up with a sleek modern skinny number. A delicate gingham check tie will add fun stylish twist to any look.