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To cover up or not

I was asked if I would ever cover up my tattoos for my wedding…

No! Tattoos tell a story, they show character, and if you are going to put art on your body, why cover it up.

If you are going to cover up a tattoo, here are some helpful hints. Kat Von D, LA Ink’s talented tattoo artist has a concealer available at your local Sephora stores. It’s a creamy, blend able secret weapon that provides the ultimate, customizable coverage. This concealer is not only used for covering up tattoos, but can also be used for covering dark circles, scars, or blemishes.

Another method is airbrushing. Dinair Airbrushing can give you the results of a professional makeup artist with their Bride-to-Be Package. It can give you a beautiful sun kissed glow or deliver a porcelain finish over tattoos or blemishes.
Now, the question is would you cover up your tattoo?