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Svedka Vodka Product Launch

Pedestals was thrilled to be part of The Elite Marketing Group event at The New Museum on February 6th for their Svedka Vodka product launch.

The event was a smashing success as the flavors of summer were announced: Orange Cream Pop and Strawberry Colada.

It was a great desigin experience for us as we were asked to create a number of different looks for the Svedka team based on inspiration boards. The finished product had to represent Svedka the brand, the energy of new flavors as well as the space the event was taking place in.

We created a multimedia table-scape that included feathers, painted products, fresh fruit, LED lights vintage candy, even whipped cream! With the help of the Elite Marketing Team the entire main displays were presented on top of a giant cylinder that was wrapped with exact replicas of the actual Svedka bottles.

In addition to all of our fabulous brides, Pedestals, is so proud to share this as an example of one of our many corporate events that we do all year long.