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Picking Purple in 2014

With the announcement of “radiant orchid “ as the Pantone color of the year for 2014, brides can expect purple to be dominating all areas of the wedding planning landscape.
Purple and the adjacent shades of lavender are amongst this year’s most popular choices for bridesmaid’s dresses. Grey and dark grey are the go to options for groomsmen wear when paired with this color palette.
Brides are also embracing the bold use of purple for specialty ballroom lighting. This creates so much impact when guests enter the ballroom. The color is enhanced with the selection of gorgeous custom linens including chair covers, napkins and tablecloths in various purple hues.
In the selection of flowers, “the power of purple” is most evident. For both bouquets and centerpieces, brides are picking purple to perfect their wedding day. Popular bouquet flowers include phaelonopsis orchids, Picasso mini calla lilies, lisianthus, vandal orchids, anemones and freesia.
To complete their radiant ballroom designs, brides are choosing, purple hydrangea, dendrobium orchids, French stock and various shades of lavender roses including cool water, ocean song and amnesia.
You may choose a dynamic hombre design, a monochromatic purple bouquet or white centerpiece that features a pop of 2014’s radiant orchid; they all are a spectacular look for this or any year.

Fall Is Here

Fall is here! Bringing harvest into your flowers and wedding is a great way of enjoying the colors of the season!

5 great ideas are:

1. Use mini pumpkins, gourds or even seed packets as place cards for your guest is a wonderful yet small intimate touch.

2. Bringing in season vegetables or fruits such as asparagus, artichokes, apples or peaches. They give great texture and a seasonal element to the flowers.

3. Another favor idea is, is to give your guest small potted herbs. Such as Parsley, cilantro, or rosemary.

4. Using rustic elements such as mason jars, branches, and lanterns for centerpieces and incorporating fall flowers like mums, dahlias, and Gerber daisies is going to add a rustic yet bright touch to the big day!

5. Raffia and burlap are great ways to incorporate into your table linens, flowers, bouquets and boutonnières.

All these ideas really bring a great fall seasonal vibe to your big wedding day and also help support local/independent farm stands in our community.

Great Gatsby Trend for 2014

The Great Gatsby is definitely taking over the wedding trend for 2014. The 1920’s theme for weddings this upcoming year is going to be outrageous. Here are a few things that are going to help bring this theme to life on your big day!

1. The use of candelabras and different metallic, silver, gold, and mercury glass props for reception décor is a fabulous way to get a chic 1920’s feel.

2. Bring beads, sparkles and sequins into your dress, bridesmaids dress, or even the table linens.

3. Over sized floral arrangements will really wow your guest. Especially by incorporating the use of all different types of orchids- the way to go is stay clean in your color selection, yet make it look expensive in taste.

4. Feather accents are great to add into centerpieces, invitations, or even your bouquets. They really bring this theme to life.

Over embellishing the simple elements is the way to go, just like they did in that era. Check out the link below for some inspirational images.

Click here to view images

Kelly Clarkson

Usually when people are chatting about Kelly Clarkson they are talking about her new album or next chart- topping single. This month the NY area is especially electric with her upcoming concert appearance with Maroon 5 on August 11 at Jones Beach.

But, a fabulous picture she shared via twitter has the wedding world a buzz. Kelly is looking gorgeous in one of her engagement session shots. She is in a full length white gown (insert gasp). Kelly certainly created a memory and an unforgettable moment.

Kelly Clarkson

I love this dress, because it makes a statement and evokes an emotion. Even if you don’t feel that this style is right for you, the emotional impact and beauty of these photos are unforgettable.

That is why I am truly relating to this photograph. At Pedestals Floral Decorators we encourage every bride to explore style options that showcase their individuality. That is when magic happens. Well done Kelly!

Is your closet filled with bridesmaid dresses?

What do you do with a bridesmaid dress after the wedding is over….

Great tips to start with, if its black you have a head start…..adding accessories such as long chains,bracelets, or hoop earrings already glam up that black dress. If its long have it altered too shorten it.

Now when dealing with a color gown…altering it and accessorizing still works but now even after that, you can add belts…shrugs..and gorgeous patterned scarves to change the look.

When you add a pump in a color option that refuels color and adds that glimpse of even sparkle it can clearly set a fun tone for either a special event or just a great night out.

This season is truly all about color, so be bold and get creative!

When a Simple on Bended Knee Just Won’t Do

In today’s age of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media there are so many things grabbing for our attention, everything needs to be faster, better and bigger. Marriage proposal are no exception. With a whole YouTube section dedicated to “proposal fail” today’s savvy grooms are upping their game to make sure they get their “I will.”

Recently both Good Morning America and Nightline did feature stories on what they called “Extreme Proposals”. As reported by GMA, when Josh Ogle proposed to fiancée Nataliyia Lavryshyn, he spared no expense. The total cost for his extreme proposal was $45,000 “It’s very much in my character and, I think, in our relationship, for me to try to do things that are goofy and clever and catch her by surprise,” Ogle said.

Josh said, he knew he would be able to have control over how the proposal went and he really wanted his personality to shine through he chose to turn an ordinary date night into something Nataliyia would never forget. It included a celebrity chef, roof top and vintage car rentals, followed by a trip to Europe and of course the engagement ring.

Nightline also featured grooms that created movie trailers to be shown during movie night at the local cinemaplex to ones that celebrated cultural traditions with a Bollywood themed flash mob in Times Square. His fiancée said, “It was every Indian girl’s dream come true.”

According to wedding planner Sarah Pease, who has an entire division of her business dedicated to just planning proposals. The first question that is always asked after the proposal is “How did they do it? Every bride wants a great story to tell and these grooms are raising the standards.

Summer Wedding? Top Tips for Summer Flowers…

Summer Brides beware of over-sized bouquets. A smaller hand-tied bouquet will hold up longer in the heat than a full cascading one. Opt for flowers that will stay fresh throughout the entire day. Look for ones with a glossy finish on them to ensure staying power. Hawaiian blooms, such as Orchids, are a great option. Birds of Paradise, tiger lilies, and even roses will champion high temperatures too. Buying locally is another way to go also. Blooms that are in season in your area will more than likely last the whole day in a bouquet.

Make sure your flowers are delivered the morning of your wedding. They need to be kept chilled in a refrigerator until just prior to the ceremony. If possible, have the centerpieces and bouquets sprayed with a light mist after a few hours to keep them looking lively and fresh long after the last song is played.

Go for some bright and bold colors for summer. For your flowers, check out what flowers will be in bloom at your ceremony and reception site. Consider going for some bold versions of those hues. For a more formal wedding, wine colors and deeper colors like red roses or deep purple lilies would be more appropriate. For an outdoor semiformal wedding, think violet, hot fuchsia, mango, magenta and green. And for casual weddings, Sunflowers are a great option since you would really only need a few to create a vibrant pop of color.

There is so much you can do for a summer centerpiece arrangement. If you plan on having a formal ballroom wedding, go for tall vases overflowing with a mix of bold and deep-hued flowers accented with flowers or gems. To create a modern vibe, display green, orange, or even yellow blooms in clear Lucite containers. For an outdoor wedding, consider wooden containers filled with colored, locally grown flowers. During cocktail hour, daisies in mason jars will perk up the space. Or look into potted centerpieces so guests can take them home as favors.

So what’s your favorite summer wedding flower and a tip to keep them looking amazing all day long?

24 Hour Pre-Wedding Do’s and Don’ts for the Bride

So your Wedding day is only 24 hours away… With so many things that you’ve had to do to prepare for your big day, it’s time for your beauty rest! But before that make sure of the following:

1. Tanning – If you haven’t been going already don’t start now. Spray tanning can be so messy and orange skin wouldn’t be such a good look walking down the aisle. UV Tanning could be dangerous also. Your skin could burn and make for a very uncomfortable evening. If a sun kissed glow is what you’re going for on your wedding day, start your tanning a few weeks in advance or make it simple and go for a pretty shade of bronzer make-up.

2. Hair Dye – So you plan on doing something a little different with your hair color for the Wedding. OK! Just do a trial run at least a month before the big day. If you don’t like the way it comes out you will have plenty of time to change the color without damaging your hair. Also, what style you will have done to your hair. You always want to do a test run for these kinds of things just in case you don’t like something about it. Try different styles to see what you like best. Pick one and stick with it.

3. Make-up – Do you want a natural soft look? Or a bold look that you want to stand out? Are you doing your own make-up or having a make-up artist do it for you? Make a decision on what you would imagine you would look like on your big day. You can find a certain look for make-up in a magazine or a website or just an idea you came up with yourself. Try it out to see how well you like it when it’s actually applied to the face. Whatever you do, don’t wing it on the big day.

4. Jewelry – You never want your accessories to be an afterthought. Order everything at least a month in advance. You’ll want to have enough time to try it on with your wedding dress and make sure you’ve achieved the final look you want. A little tip – If you’re wearing your hair down, Do go big! Dainty earrings tend to get lost in all that hair. Punch up your look with some dramatic statement earrings.

5. Shoes – Shoes are as important as the jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day. No one wants to see a barefoot bride or even worse a bride wearing flip-flops. So please, keep your shoes on. Make sure your shoes are a perfect fit. Don’t wear a pair of heels with a 5 or 6 inch heel if you are more comfortable in a 2 to 3 inch heel. Break your shoes in way before your wedding day but make sure not to wear them outside. You want your shoes to look brand new on your big day. You could even incorporate your something blue into your shoes. Find a shoe with the entire heel encrusted with blue crystals. You could even bedazzle them on your own. Or just do a blue shoe. The moral of the story is to have fun with your shoes. Make them sparkle, make them comfortable, but please, keep them on.

The Doors Are Open

On March 14, 2013 we opened our doors for our first Pedestals in house showcase.

The evening was a success. We had a great group of guests. From the amazing floral décor to the lush fabrics, from furniture to lighting you were able to visualize what your event would look and feel like.

Guests were able to enjoy some delicious desserts and tour our 10,000 square foot facility. This gave our clients a chance to see what goes on behind-the-scene. All of our vases and stands were on display, an assortment of floral arrangements allowed guests to see what it would look like on a particular stand. The attraction of the evening was the bouquet table. It was a good experience for our clients to be able to touch, carry, and photograph different bouquets that they normal would not experience.

A special thanks to the companies that helped put this all together… The Wedding Company, Seasons 52, Sincerely Yours Events, Studio 4 Event Production, The Finishing Touch and New York Lounge Decor.

Please join us for our next showcase on August 15th from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Register today under Industry Events.

To cover up or not

I was asked if I would ever cover up my tattoos for my wedding…

No! Tattoos tell a story, they show character, and if you are going to put art on your body, why cover it up.

If you are going to cover up a tattoo, here are some helpful hints. Kat Von D, LA Ink’s talented tattoo artist has a concealer available at your local Sephora stores. It’s a creamy, blend able secret weapon that provides the ultimate, customizable coverage. This concealer is not only used for covering up tattoos, but can also be used for covering dark circles, scars, or blemishes.

Another method is airbrushing. Dinair Airbrushing can give you the results of a professional makeup artist with their Bride-to-Be Package. It can give you a beautiful sun kissed glow or deliver a porcelain finish over tattoos or blemishes.
Now, the question is would you cover up your tattoo?