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How to add some Holiday Spirit to your Winter Wedding

If your a bride getting married around Christmas most think they have to do the “HOLIDAY” theme. At Pedestals we like to add a touch of Holiday! This is your wedding day and should be remembered forever as that, we don’t care if it falls on Christmas or New Years Eve.

Here are some suggestions for the Holiday Bride and Groom

If your bridesmaids are wearing red or green then keep your flowers and accessories all white. Let them be your accent and pop of color.
Use a little winter birch or winter berries to add to your bridal bouquets or boutonnieres.
Have a black tie affair and use all dark red flowers with silver and gold accents to make your room rich and warm.
If your venue has a fireplace, make sure it is on and the room is cozy… not hot.. just comfortable for all to enjoy.
Use some mirrored accessories to decorate your tables they compliment any color pallet.

Here are some creative ideas to spark your holiday spirit.


Make A Big Sparkle with a Little Gold Glitter

A sprinkle of gold glitter can go a long way. Whether you are looking to put a little glitz into your invites or an accessory for your attire, you should consider the timeless color gold. It will give the impression from fun to classic, so no matter the type of event or location you will not go wrong with a touch of sparkle. Below is a link to some creative ideas… get your magic dust ready!

Gold Glitter Wedding Theme

Accessorizing Our Flower Girls

Yes, we are the brides and its “our” day, but the mini brides are just as excited as we are. Whether they are wearing a white, ivory or colored dress, matching or different from the rest, this is a day that they will never forget.

Do we dare to let them dress up and play the part. I’m loving the idea of changing things up.. out with the rose petals and flowering balls and in with long strands of pearls, feathers and jewels adorning a basket of hydrangea.

If you are doing a rustic or vintage wedding, then try a rusted bucket with fresh flowers or a burlap sack with wild flowers hanging over. Using natural products will help complete the look you are going for.

If your wedding is glitz and glam, make your flower girl your shinning accessory and adorn her head with a wreath of glitter or have her carry a small broach bouquet.

These little ideas will not only set your wedding apart from the rest but it will definitely make your flower girl have a memory that will last forever.

Visit this link for some trendy was of accessorizing your flower girl…

Summer Trends For Bridesmaids…

Hello Brides and Bridesmaids…

Coral is the HOT color for summer 2014. From an evening gown paired with a crystal necklace to a t-length day time dress paired with strappy sandals you will sure to be “IN” this summer! Check out the link below for some long and short options.

Long Strapless Coral Bridesmaid Dresses Color Trend 2014
Short Strapless Coral Bridesmaid Dresses Color Trend 2014

If you are really in love with the color be bold and use it as your décor! Whether it be in a bouquet or your linens, it will surely stand out! Below is a link if you need something to start with.

Picture of Coral Bridesmaid Dresses Color Trend 2014

T-Length Wedding Dresses

If you are getting married in the spring, summer or fall, or in a restaurant, park or even a barn a t-length dress may be just what you are in need of. Todays bridal gowns come in all different sizes, lengths, shapes and colors. What used to be the norm for weddings no longer exists. With every bride and wedding being so unique and with things being so customizable in todays world you are free to design, be playful, invent, take risks… whatever your heart and mind can dream of!

If you are daring enough to go t-length or short here are some options for you to explore…

2014 Tea Length Wedding Dresses
2014 Short Wedding Dresses
Short Wedding Dresses with Train

Mason Jars

Yes its true, the containers that our grandmothers used to put soup and sauce in are now used as a shabby chic way of decorating for an event. From backyard parties to weddings, mason jars are todays crave. I have seen them wrapped in burlap and lace, filled with lemons and limes, natural river rocks and crystals. Some people us them as candle holders, candy bar jars, wedding favors and many more. I personally used them at a wedding for the couples signature drink. It was a spiked lemonade, and we paired it with chevron paper straws. People loved it.. they were requesting the mason jars all evening.

You can find them in clear, blue, even gold. So no matter what style or color scheme your event is you can customize your mason jars to fit right in.

Here are some images to help you get creative with grandmas old jam jars!

Mason Jar Centerpieces
Mason Jar Centerpieces with Candles
Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces
Mason Jar Drinks
Mason Jar Favors

Chevron… Chevron.. and more Chevron…

No matter where you look the old classic chevron print is back. From dresses to home décor and from linens to accessories it is everywhere. It has also hit the wedding market with a vengeance. I have found beautiful accessories with the print that not only make your wedding shabby chic but give u a vintage feel all in one. Whether you choose to use a chevron motif or wrapping paper on your favors, make sure to check out the classic designs below.

View classic Chevron decor here

It’s a bling thing!

Calling all Brides… Now you have the ring, let’s start to bling!

Whether it be in your bridal gown, linens, floral or accessories today’s bride is in love with color and BLING! From a bling wrap to crystal broaches on your bridal bouquet, to candle holders and diamonds adorning your wedding cake… There is never enough crystal when you are a Bling Bride!

This year the newest trend for a Bling bride is Body Bling. I have to be honest, at first I was not a fan of this but the more research I did… I Love It! Some of the pieces look like extensions of your dresses. It’s an Indian tradition to wear crystals and body bling, but today everyone is accessorizing with them. Below is a link of some ideas.. if you want to sparkle and shine on your big day!

Checkout bridal bling here

Dare to Wear Pink?

That’s the question of 2014… is it white, ivory or will you be pretty in pink?

Vera Wang has released her 2014 spring wedding line, and yes ladies.. it includes color.

Being a girl who loves the color pink, I would have to admit that I would definitely wear a light shade of pink on my wedding day. The question is….Where do you stop the pink? Does the groom and bridal party accessorize with it? Do your flowers and linens coordinate? When is pink just too much pink? I guess it’s all in personal preference. I am interested in seeing how this color trend plays out in time. Below is a link of some gowns that have made the list! Let us know what color do you dare to wear?

Click here to view pink dresses by Vera Wang

Classic Style Bouquet

A very classically designed bridal bouquet is making a reappearance on the pages of today’s wedding magazines, but with a modern make-over. Brides are once again holding stunning cascade bouquets.

Gone are the extremely long tails of hand – wired flowers. The bouquets lengths are shorter and the flowing cascade is being created by a mix of flowers and foliage. Variegated ivy is the most popular choice especial for brides looking for garden style, vintage or fresh picked designs.

The use of a single flower, most notably the phalaenopsis orchid is also a growing trend. This bouquet is visually stunning and is quickly becoming a must have bouquet for brides that want something unforgettable.

While the French clutch style bouquets are still vastly the most popular choice it’s great to see the iconic cascade style back.