Sometimes The Perfect Wedding Venue Is Right In Your Own Backyard

From childhood memories to bucolic setting, sometimes home is where the heart is on your special day.

Maybe you’ve spent six months or a year searching for the perfect wedding venue for your big day, only to discover that the ideal location is the home you grew up playing in or even your own home. Well, you’re in good company. Hosting weddings at home has become increasingly popular and practical for many brides to be.

Many people realize there is no more appropriate place to marry the person of your dreams then the very yard you spent your childhood roaming. It’s a fantastic way to keep your event more personal and more intimate. It can bring a comfort and familiarity to an event that is both exciting but stressful at times. Navigating a space that both you and many of your guests know well can be the perfect way to bring some levity and joy to your wedding.

If you are planning an at-home wedding, here are a few tips on how you can make it smooth, seamless and unforgettable.

You’re building a temporary wedding space so plan ahead.

Whether you’re working with a wedding planner or going it alone, you will have some logistics to sort. Is there outdoor electricity and is it easily accessible? Is there an obvious aisle and means of setting up chairs so guests are comfortable and everyone has a clear view? You also need to think about the set up and size of the kitchen if you are bringing in catering and wait staff. It’s also important to take stock of how many restrooms the home offers or if you may need to bring in external restrooms to accommodate your number of guests.

Size Matters.

It’s important to marry the size of your guest list to the footprint of your outdoor space. You need to ensure enough square footage per person that they have room to roam and be comfortable, especially during a summer wedding where you could be battling heat and humidity. If you’re setting up a tent, ensure it is large enough to accommodate both guests, your band or DJ and the staff serving your event. Also, think about whether a buffet or a more traditional sit-down dinner makes sense given the footprint of your space and the number of guests you are hosting.

Brighten up the space and your day with the perfect floral design and arrangements.

While a separate venue is generally set up for weddings, many homes are not. But a well-conceived floral design and arrangement can make the space and the day just as magical as any event space you can imagine. Pedestals Florist’s staff are experts in helping brides and grooms-to-be plan and design floral arrangements that can help shape your space and make it every bit as beautiful as any wedding setting could be.