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24 Hour Pre-Wedding Do’s and Don’ts for the Bride

So your Wedding day is only 24 hours away… With so many things that you’ve had to do to prepare for your big day, it’s time for your beauty rest! But before that make sure of the following:

1. Tanning – If you haven’t been going already don’t start now. Spray tanning can be so messy and orange skin wouldn’t be such a good look walking down the aisle. UV Tanning could be dangerous also. Your skin could burn and make for a very uncomfortable evening. If a sun kissed glow is what you’re going for on your wedding day, start your tanning a few weeks in advance or make it simple and go for a pretty shade of bronzer make-up.

2. Hair Dye – So you plan on doing something a little different with your hair color for the Wedding. OK! Just do a trial run at least a month before the big day. If you don’t like the way it comes out you will have plenty of time to change the color without damaging your hair. Also, what style you will have done to your hair. You always want to do a test run for these kinds of things just in case you don’t like something about it. Try different styles to see what you like best. Pick one and stick with it.

3. Make-up – Do you want a natural soft look? Or a bold look that you want to stand out? Are you doing your own make-up or having a make-up artist do it for you? Make a decision on what you would imagine you would look like on your big day. You can find a certain look for make-up in a magazine or a website or just an idea you came up with yourself. Try it out to see how well you like it when it’s actually applied to the face. Whatever you do, don’t wing it on the big day.

4. Jewelry – You never want your accessories to be an afterthought. Order everything at least a month in advance. You’ll want to have enough time to try it on with your wedding dress and make sure you’ve achieved the final look you want. A little tip – If you’re wearing your hair down, Do go big! Dainty earrings tend to get lost in all that hair. Punch up your look with some dramatic statement earrings.

5. Shoes – Shoes are as important as the jewelry you will be wearing on your wedding day. No one wants to see a barefoot bride or even worse a bride wearing flip-flops. So please, keep your shoes on. Make sure your shoes are a perfect fit. Don’t wear a pair of heels with a 5 or 6 inch heel if you are more comfortable in a 2 to 3 inch heel. Break your shoes in way before your wedding day but make sure not to wear them outside. You want your shoes to look brand new on your big day. You could even incorporate your something blue into your shoes. Find a shoe with the entire heel encrusted with blue crystals. You could even bedazzle them on your own. Or just do a blue shoe. The moral of the story is to have fun with your shoes. Make them sparkle, make them comfortable, but please, keep them on.